Water Works
A Musanical
metal sculpture Steam Fire Engine machine parody built on a Large Valve handles as wheels, brass fire extinguisher as the boiler, coffee urn, urinal valves, and blow torches as the pumps, tuba bell stack, spigot valves, camp stove, jewelry boxes, sprinkler valves, trumpet, steam gauges, clock, and refrigeration parts as fire and water plumbing.

Train On Time
Locomotive machine parody constructed from a saxophone as the stack, euphonium, plumbing and refrigeration parts as the boiler, clarinet cab, oil pump nose, bread basket cow-catcher, steam gauge interior, fire extinguisher roof, miner lamp headlight, and clocks as wheels.

Chopin’s Chopper
A chopped motorcycle machine parody  constructed wth a sousaphone frame,  a trombone exaust bell, baby carriage wheels, trombone slide springer, tea pot gas tank, change dish seat, and shiny mechanical parts.

Doctor Paul
Locomotive machine parody constructed with a trombone stack and slides, clarinet and euphonium boiler, post office box cab, valve handle wheels, eyeglass windscreen, clocks and gauge interior, fire extinguisher roof, pocket watch gearing, miner’s lamp headlight, refrigeration and plumbing connection parts.

Machine-robo-bug-centipede parody built with recycled piano parts, copper plate, gelatin mold, steel rods, copper wire, chome acorn nuts, epoxy resin, and shiny mechanical hardware.


General Foam
Locomotive machine parody constructed with fire extinguisher, saxophone and sprinklers head boiler, water spigots, serving tray, barbeque tray, Christmas horn cab, clock wheels, bells, miner lamp headlight, bread basket cow catcher, kitchen tool and gauges interior, gas pipes, refrigeration, and plumbing connection parts.

Whirly Copter 
Early helicopter machine parody with construction based on a porch light fixture and globe, truck thermostat, fan blades, spoon and fork interior, refrigeration and musical instrument connection parts.

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